Best Integrated Campaign

This category will highlight how Out of Home works effectively with other media in delivering clients messages in an engaging and effective manner. To reflect the changing media landscape there will be two prizes in this category :
  1. Outdoor and Online
  2. Outdoor and other media (TV, Press, Radio, Cinema)
The campaign will be judged on effective use of the media through integrated Media planning with marks allocated as below:
(Maximum 250 words per section)
Strategic planning (35%)
Market background, competitive position, campaign goals, target market. Elaborate on your choice of media to integrate with Outdoor.

Media & Creative Symbiosis (30%)
Core idea, execution, understanding of how the poster creative needs to work with the medium showing the integration if applicable.

Results (35%)
How well the campaign met objectives as demonstrated by sales / market share / research results. Highlight the net effect of using an integrated campaign.

There will be one winner and one runner up in this category. Only campaigns that ran on OMA members sites will be considered.
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