Best Outdoor Campaign

This category acknowledges those who achieve results through their expertise across the full span of a campaign. The award will go to the campaign that best utilises the Outdoor medium, with a specific focus on  media planning and results achieved, along with proof of how the strategy worked in tandem with the creative process. There are two sections in this category; Campaigns Under €150,000 Campaigns Over €150,000 Judging will be based on the following four criteria, each attracting 25% of the total marks allocated. (Maximum 250 words per section)
  1. Strategic Planning (25%) Covering market background, competitive position, campaign goals, target market, media selection, and rationale for Outdoor.
  2. Tactical Planning (25%) Using Outdoor to its best advantage by considering the tactical advantages of such a flexible medium. Consider formats, seasonality, regional flexibility and mixing formats to deliver targeted campaigns. JNOR is your planning partner in Outdoor so use of CAFAS and provision of JNOR figures will be important, however non-JNOR formats will be allowed for.
  3. Media & Creative Symbiosis (25%) Core idea, execution, understanding of how the poster creative needs to work with the medium.
  4. Results (25%) How well the campaign met objectives as demonstrated by sales / market share / research results.
There will be a winner and runner up award presented for each section in this category. Only campaigns that ran on OMA members sites will be considered. Enter Now!