Terms and Conditions

Entries may be submitted for campaigns that ran on OMA Formats and must have been displayed between 30th June 2015 (cycle 14) and 2nd July 2017 (cycle 13) on paid for media.
  1. An agency may only submit campaigns handled by that agency and with the knowledge and endorsement of the advertiser. Entries restricted to bona fide client (as opposed to industry promotion) campaigns.
  2. Each submission should comply with specifications outlined on the relevant entry form.
  3. A simple majority decision of the judging panel is sufficient to decide the Awards and shall not be open to challenge.
  4. Campaigns must have run on formats belonging to the OMA members.
  5. All campaigns entered must have run as paid for media space.
  6. When submitting multiple entries please include a list of campaigns that your entry cheque is to cover. If you wish to electronically transfer entry fees please contact the OMA (Ph: 01 213 0524)to get details of the Outdoor Awards bank account.
  7. It is a condition of entry that case studies entered may be used in the public domain by the OMA.
  8. Closing date for entries is Friday 4th August 2017.
  9. The Outdoor Advertising Awards are run by OMA to recognise excellence in Outdoor both at a creative and media level. They are open to legitimate campaigns that address the criteria laid down in the categories and are shown to utilise outdoor to promote their product or service. Speculative work or work produced and run at minimal weights will not be deemed within the spirit of the competition and will be excluded. Entry Fee’s cover administration costs of the entry process – refunds will not be made for incorrect or ineligible entries. OMA reserves the right to refuse entry.